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Marc Damon explores the natural landscape of South Florida by foot and kayak. Partially color-blind, he seeks to photograph the essence and beauty of the places he discovers. He captures the majority of his images on sheets of film in a large-format camera, like the one his idol Ansel Adams used, and occasionally with a digital camera.

His goal is to try to elicit the mood, drama, and beauty he experienced in a particular moment and share those feelings with the viewer. 



Method & Craft

Most photographs are made with a large format film camera (4x5, 5x7 or 8x10) and black & white film. Each film sheet is hand developed by Marc Damon in his darkroom prior to being scanned with a dedicated high resolution scanner. Then starts the painstaking process of bringing the photograph to life with dodging and burning, until the result is finally what Marc Damon had envisioned in the field. This process may take several days, when the image is finally satisfactory, print testing can start. All photographs are then printed on award winning archival fiber paper with a dedicated quadtone printer which uses only black and shades of gray archival carbon based pigment ink. The prints archival quality is of the highest standard with over 200 years of permanence. 
Awards and Achievements
Marc Damon's photographs earned first and third places awards at the Rookery Bay annual photography contest juried by Clyde Butcher. His photographs have been featured in local museums and art galleries and purchased by private collectors. His work has also been published in several magazines such as Black & White Magazine,  Naples Portfolio Magazine and Gulfshore Life.
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